sorting/filtering on typed text on project dropdown

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When I’m setting a Project for a task, some Projects aren’t shown at the top of the list when I type their name. They work fine when you just created them, but the next day this bug appears. It only seems to happen to Projects that were created after a certain date or that were created in the Desktop app (I recently started using Asana again and I have some old Projects that I created in the browser and some new Projects that I created in the desktop app).

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new Project (no specific settings)
  • Go and do something fun with the rest of your day
  • The next day, create a new task (or edit an existing task)
  • In the ‘Projects’ field of the task start typing the name of the Project
  • The Project does not show in the top of the list, but when you scroll down in the list, you can find the Project

Browser version:
Desktop app. But the same problem happens in the browser version (Chrome 106.0.5249.119)

Upload screenshots below:

Hello @LeonDries,
usually when I want to add a task to a project and I start typing the project name it displays projects that fit the entered characters based on recently used projects or projects marked as favourites, etc
So let‘s say if I want to ads a task to a project called „Video Production“ and I also use the projects „Video Ideas“, „DE Videos“ often or they are under favourites then when I start typing „Video“ these would show first. If I then start to scroll down I might see super old projects that I have not opened for a while.
Cannot confirm if that is the case for everybody, however this is what I have noticed in the Chrome version but also iOS app.

Maybe others can share their experience as well.

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer ,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I did some testing and found the following:

  • All Projects marked as favorites are displayed correctly when typing their name
  • Some other Projects are also displayed correctly, but I’m not sure if they are “recent”

When is a Project considered “recent”? Creating a Task in the My Tasks section and adding it to a Project does not make it a recent Project.

Could it also be that there’s a maximum amount of Projects that can be displayed correctly when typing their name?

Simply marking all Projects as favorites might be a solution here, but that prevents you from using the ‘favorite’ function for what it’s meant.