Sorting calendar view by colour

I’m wondering if there is a way to sort my overall calendar view by colour?

I colour code projects according how they group together with one another - for instance, all projects related to one client in one colour, our personal family projects together as another.

Re-ordering them manually is such a time suck. I’d love to have them always auto-sort by colour so I can overview my day/week per grouping in one view. Is there any way to do this?


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Hi @Lindsay_Lapaquette

Unfortunately, I do not believe Asana has this capability at the time. Hopefully, this is something they can add in the future!

I will add that you can sort by color through the custom fields you have in your project. Please find this other forum post to read about it!


Hmm, so although that doesn’t quite address what I’m looking for, I did not know what you’ve shared. That’s a great features that will help me zone in on priorities per project more quickly.

That being said, I’ve now just read a 5 year long thread about requests for being able to customize the view in My Tasks and am realizing perhaps there will be no solution to better sorting of tasks here in the near future. Which is a bit astonishing…

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Understood! I too wish we could sort by colors, but hopefully Asana can take this under consideration for future rollouts.

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