Sorting by section, then sorting by custom field within sections

I have a project with sections and with custom fields.

I want to keep this project sorted by section, and then within each section, sort the tasks based on a particular custom field:

Section 1
Tasks with custom field =A
Tasks with custom field =B
Section 2
Tasks with custom field=A
Tasks with custom field=B

However, when I sort by the custom field, it makes the custom field the “outer” sort, with each section within it.

Custom field = A
Section 1 tasks
Section 2 tasks
Custom field =B
Section 1 tasks
Section 2 tasks

How do I switch the order, so that it is sorting/grouping by section first, and then by the custom field within each section?


Hi @Zachary_Goldman unfortunately this can’t be done at this stage.

Vote for this Product Feature enhancement…
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