Sorting a Report Gives Different Results

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When I run a report showing Milestones, they all appear when sorting by Due Date; but when sorting by Project there are many Milestones missing, yet the search criteria did not change.

Steps to reproduce: Create some milestones for several projects; do an advanced search, for Milestones Only across the team in which the project is contained. When the resulting report is sorted by Due Date, all projects will be shown; sorted by Project, some/a lot will be missing.

Browser version: current version of Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @dean.clough, I am sorry for the trouble!

I had a look and I see the task “VLL6 TC OSP IFR Plan Issuance” is multihomed in two projects. When you sort by project, the tasks will be sort by the first project they were added, for example, this task will be under the project “VLL6 Cabling” instead of “FB DC issuance and Staff Calendar”.

Please let me know if this is not the case for you and I’ll be happy to investigate this further. Looking forward to your reply!

Hello - I was away on PTO and am now just getting to this.

I must insist this is a bug! In what order a project is added to another project should NOT impact the query results displayed, regardless of how it’s sorted. Changing the query criteria should be the only way the results should be different.

PLEASE ask your database folks to confirm - I’ve been working with relational databases for 30+ years and in no case have I ever seen reporting that works this way. It would be similar to sorting a spreadsheet Z-A vs. A-Z, and seeing different rows!

We’ve done some more research here, and something definitely seems broken. Even when a project has not been “multi-homed” (A.K.A. “Add to Project”), this problem still exists.

Please see these screenshots below:

  1. Query criteria
  2. Results when listed by Date Due - project that is NOT MULTI-HOMED appears in the results
  3. Results when listed by Project - project that is NOT MULTI-HOMED does NOT appear in the results

Again - even though the project in question, EAG1/2 T Bulletin 3, is ONLY in its own project, and not multi-homed, the search results change, despite the criteria remaining the same.

Hi @dean.clough!

Thanks for getting back to me and for sharing this excellent and detailed bug report. I see exactly what you mean. Thanks so much for the screenshots as well, they really go a long way towards helping us diagnose the issue.

I have gone ahead and filed a bug to our development team to confirm if this is an bug or a product limitation. I’ll keep you updated.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!

Hi @dean.clough and thanks for your patience!

This issue has been solved on our end, could you confirm wether or not that’s the case for you too?

Looking forward to your reply!

Sorry - I just saw this. Will check it out now.

Definitely not fixed. Here are screenshots. Same query, simply looking for all Milestones where a custom field (Program Manager) = “Skyler Holloway”. The first screenshot shows the records returned when the results are sorted by Due Date (170 tasks returned). Yet sorting the same query by Project (second screenshot) results in less than half of the expected records (170) being returned, 68 to be precise.

This bug should be ALARMING to your engineers - I can’t imagine what we’re missing or what was intended by Asana in having different sorts result in different results. Again, the analogy would be sorting a column in a spreadsheet A-Z and getting one set of results, and Z-A and getting fewer results.

Hi @dean.clough and thanks for the follow-up. Rest ensured that we do take all bugs very seriously; but in this case we’re struggling to reproduce the issue and haven’t received any other similar report, so we suspect the issue might lay somewhere else.

Could you please send me a screenshot showing the details (in particular project) for the Milestone highlighted in yellow above? (SGA T Bulletin 1 Upload to Prime).

Looking forward to your reply

Thanks, @Marie here you are. I assume you can access our environment; if so, the URL for the project highlighted project is:

If not, here’s a snip: