Sort tasks in columns by number of comments


In our Feature Requests board, each request maps to a task. These are organized into columns by category.

Each time a customer makes a request, we a) create a new task if one does not exist; and b) add a new comment “+1” to the task.

Our tasks are currently unsorted in their respective columns. This means we may have to scroll down through a lot of tasks with just a few comments to find one that has 50 comments.

Since the task with 50 comments is much more likely to be the task we’re looking for than the one with just a few, we’d like to sort our tasks in their respective columns by comment count descending.

How can we achieve this in an automated fashion?



If you are a Premium user (with access to custom fields) and agree to move to list layout (and not board layout), you build a solution around custom fields and sort based on the field…

Bastien - Asana Certified Pro
Delegate tasks to a virtual assistant :computer: