Sort Tasks by Task Creation Date

Another upvote for this.

It does seem strange how it’s not a default feature. If Asana aren’t implementing this for a specific reason, I think it would help all of us if we knew the reasoning behind this choice?



It’s dumbfounding that an export reveals the creation date is tracked, but it’s not exposed in the web interface. This thread is years old. I’m stunned.


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+1 very frustrating!

+1 would be VERY helpful - Date Created - we have to enter this manually now in a text field. :frowning:

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+1, we are still waiting guys, any update on it? :melting_face:
This feature would bring a lot of value to my team/company.

I am a product manager and this threads example of lack of basic function is pushing our company away from Asana.

As someone assuming responsibilities with a new company using Asana, I have ZERO ability to filter tickets in based on when they were submitted. WTF?

As a result, we will be moving everything to Jira.

I tried guys, but this is not acceptable.

Asana is not a replacement for a proper SDLC tool.

I love the interface. It is slick and really works well, but the lack of true software development focus has pushed us to making something more appropriate as our development tool.

I would ask that you focus more on who your users are.

Every person that has admin abilities on your platform should be engaged and consulted on what their needs are and then they should be told if their needs can be met. Push marketing is only good up to the point where the customer has been pushed or convinced into something that does not fit.

Additionally, you should look harder at your competition and make sure your message targeting is in line with your service offering. Asana does not offer the out of the box ability for SDLC that something like Jira provides ( I am not representing Jira).

If you want to offer your product as a solution to those managing agile SDLC product lifecycles, you really need to focus better on integration with agile principles (scrum, sprints, releases, versions, user stories, etc). I can achieve what I have seen in Asana with a Notion database (check it out ) or a simple CMS install. I am not trying to knock on you guys, but your really should look at what is being offered for the same money.

I appreciate my time working with your product, but I am afraid that I have to say I am moving on. If something big changes, let me know.


Just joined Asana. I am also very surprised this feature is not included. It is essential.

Hey folks, creation time sorting was rolled out to all users on September 23rd, 2021. It lives with the other options in the Sort dropdown menu at the top right of project views.

If you can’t find it there, please let me know and I can investigate if there’s an issue causing it not to appear.

@Alex_Ryan we do not see the “creation time” in our instance. Could you please advise what we should do to enable this?

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 11.11.24 AM

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce we are launching the new Metadata Fields! Going forward, you will be able to add the following fields to the project list view by toggling them on from the Customize Menu:

  • Created on
  • Created by
  • Completed on
  • Last modified on

Once you add the “Created on” field to your project list view, you can sort your tasks by creation date :tada:

We are gradually rolling out this update. iIf it’s still not available to you yet, it will be very soon!

Thanks for all the feedback you shared about this feature! If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our #tips category!

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Hi there!

just a quick note to let you know Metadata fields are now supported on mobile both for projects and My Tasks. We hope you enjoy this latest addition and we look forward to hearing your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: