Sort Tasks by Task Creation Date (Oldest \ Newest First)

Hi @AjD! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you!

I don’t have an update on this topic yet but as I mentioned before, rest ensure I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I get more information on this.

In the meantime, If you run an Advanced Search for tasks in a specific project you can then sort the search result by creation time. Please see screenshot attached.

Would that help?

Marie – I like to have the “Task Create Date” a field that can be added to the view. It’s valuable information if you are trying to prioritize a backlog of tasks.


@Marie Any update on this request? It has been 2 1/2 years since this request was initially posted. From a user’s side, this seems like a basic request not sure how complicated it is to have taken this much time?


yes - it’s crazy important

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Until Asana offers natively, consider this (disclaimer: I’m the creator):


Any update Asana? Is this anywhere in the feature queue? Would be a great feature!

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Any update Asana? Is this anywhere in the feature queue? Would be a great feature!

But hey they we have flying Unicorns.

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Natalia – Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that doesn’t address my use case. I need to know the aging of the tasks in the backlog. Your solution puts the tasks in a sort order, but doesn’t provide any information on when the task was created so that I can assess how “stale” the task is becoming.
It looks like the “date record added” data is available in Asana. What’s the challenge with exposing that date value? While you’re at it, can you also expose “date record updated”, which would help track how long a task has gone with our being updated?

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Hi Asana - this feature is very much needed! Please make “Date Task Created” into a sort feature! We are begging you!


Hi Asana team,
Can this be added? Can’t full move from Clickup until this is added.

If you can’t do sort by creation date, at least add new tasks to the bottom of the list by default instead of the top. It really makes things harder to understand what to pick first

There’s a workaround which is exporting the board data into a CSV file, so when you open the CSV as a spreadsheet you can see a “Created At” column and sort by that. Still not the best solution, but hope it helps!

It’s crazy to think such a basic feature for a task tracking tool like Asana is non-existent.
And it’s been 3 years in the queue too.

How is it possible this still hasn’t been added? Please add this sort feature to the list view and make it available to be sorted within sections.


It’s dumbfounding that an export reveals the creation date is tracked, but it’s not exposed in the web interface. This thread is years old. I’m stunned.

We really really need this. Can you please let us know if it’s company policy not to expose this? Adding a tracked field to the list view should not be very hard to do!? I really don’t want to switch back to Jira.


Hi team is there still no update for sorting by creation date?

Very important for me too! Please implement.

+1 on this. I have a specific project setup as an internal support ticket system. It’s essential to be able to sort by creation date so you know the age of a ticket/task. I know there are work arounds but it’d be great to have as a default sort by option.

Thanks dev team!

Tony Geers
Revival Ministries International