Sort Tasks by "Last Comment Date"

Please may you add in the task list of a project the column “last comment” with the last comment date?
Maybe really useful to order task by “Last Comment Date”.


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us @Riccardo_Mares!

I have slightly modified your title so it reflects your feedback better and is more discoverable to other users; hope that’s ok!

Have a great Wednesday!

Thanks very good. I hope Asana will take the same care to plan this task :wink:

Hi Asana, have you got some news about it? I think it’s a very easy update to do for your programmers!

Please help us adding some news sort fields:

  • by task creation date
  • by last description edit date
  • by last comment


Hi @Riccardo_Mares!:wave: I don’t have any update to share yet but I’ll make sure to share it in this thread as soon as I do!

Have a great Thursday!

Thanks Natalia.
I read and I wrote a lot of UX suggestion in this years, but it seems you didn’t care about it.
Many features are really important for me (and I think for other customers of you).

I fear I’ll need to check other products of task management :frowning:

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Or Last Activity.

I want to review what tasks a user has been updating. most recently.

It would also be helpful if each task would have a dot notation to indicate recent activity that I have not seen.

This is a very important feature, boards that have 100s of tasks, it’s hard to figure out which one needs reply without going down one by one.


Not to downplay the request, but the typical model would be to use Inbox Notifications to see those comments needing reply (assumes you’re a Collaborator or Assignee).

And a workaround until/if this feature is implemented is to use Advanced Search (with a paid account) to find, say all tasks in the project in question, sorted by Last Modified date.

Hope that helps,