Sort Tasks by "Last Comment Date"

Please may you add in the task list of a project the column “last comment” with the last comment date?
Maybe really useful to order task by “Last Comment Date”.


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us @Riccardo_Mares!

I have slightly modified your title so it reflects your feedback better and is more discoverable to other users; hope that’s ok!

Have a great Wednesday!

Thanks very good. I hope Asana will take the same care to plan this task :wink:

Hi Asana, have you got some news about it? I think it’s a very easy update to do for your programmers!

Please help us adding some news sort fields:

  • by task creation date
  • by last description edit date
  • by last comment


Hi @Riccardo_Mares!:wave: I don’t have any update to share yet but I’ll make sure to share it in this thread as soon as I do!

Have a great Thursday!

Thanks Natalia.
I read and I wrote a lot of UX suggestion in this years, but it seems you didn’t care about it.
Many features are really important for me (and I think for other customers of you).

I fear I’ll need to check other products of task management :frowning:

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Or Last Activity.

I want to review what tasks a user has been updating. most recently.

It would also be helpful if each task would have a dot notation to indicate recent activity that I have not seen.