Sort tasks by earliest story



It would be useful to be able to sort tasks by earlist story, that way tasks that have had recent comments would go to the end and others that might need more focus would be moved to the top.


That’s a cool idea and would love to see this as well.

For now, your inbox will, of course, show you the most recent tasks that have received comments (where you are a follower).

If you want to see other recently modified tasks, you could use a saved search like this:

It’s not ideal, but may be useful.


Hi Paul,

Log-in back into the forum in a long time :slight_smile: … it might also be good to have the option to deny filter conditions e.g. a condition like “NOT Modified Within the Last X Days” would let you see which tasks you or someone else might be missing to work on. Thanks for your feedback.

Kind Regards,