Sort Tasks by Date


I used to be able to sort my tasks by date and that feature has been removed. Can that feature please be added back in?


Hi @Trent_Rogers. You should still be able to sort tasks by due date. If you’re not it’s probably a bug, so please confirm and we can determine next steps. Here are a few ways you can sort tasks by due date:

  1. My Tasks, View: Tasks by Due Date

  2. Projects, View: Tasks by Due Date

  3. Advanced Search


Hello! Thank you for the reply. Those images are what I have previously seen up until today. Now, I don’t have that “View” option. Instead, I have a gear symbol only which gives me options for change view, but not any sorting.


Yes, I agree with Trent’s comment. Can we save our View so we don’t need to manually change it every time we login to Asana?


Hi folks! Thanks for following up. I’m happy to add more clarity. Please see the following thread for more information on what you’re viewing. I’ll be happy to continue the conversation and help answer questions in the thread here:

Closing our current thread as a formality to reduce redundancy. Thanks!