Sort Projects in Sidebar


I would like my projects in the sidebar to sort alphabetically. Is there a way to have this work automatically?


Hello Anne,

At this point in time, there is no way to sort the projects on the sidebar automatically. They can be dragged and pulled to arrange them, but no automatic way. Some folks sort their projects using the color tabs and others use emojis in the project names. We use dummy projects that act as section headers. We just type the name of the section in the project title and leave the rest of the project blank (see below).

Lastly, other teams use advanced reporting to sort their projects or tasks. You might try the advance search option and you can save the report to refer back to.

I hope that helps,


Hi @Anne_Napolitano :wave:t3: I personally use the same workaround than @Katie_Reynolds, but we have an existing #productfeedback thread on this topic (List of own projects) , if you wish to add your vote to it! :slight_smile:

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