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Thanks for advice. Works in Firefox, though not in Chrome, suppose some extensions are conflicting.


Try the Incognito Mode to have all extensions disabled.


I am having the same issue. I wonder why you cannot sort projects in Personal Projects?


From what I know Personal Projects is kinda of one big project that everyone shares. That is why you don’t have tags (they would be shared with others) and can’t reorder projects. My guess is that Personal Projects won’t stay long in this form, but this is just a guess.


I’d also like to see this feature. I have a lot of clients I’m juggling with a team. We enter them each in by name as individual Projects to keep them organized. I can drag them around and such, but it would be much easier to right click and sort alphabetically and keep them sorted that way when adding new projects.


I can’t figure out why I can’t sort Projects on the left bar in Personal Projects mode. I use Asana to work on some project with my small team and I’m completly happy with it. But besides it I use Personal Projects for, well… actually my personal projects. It is very convinient tool to keep all the things you need to do in your life in one place which is available from any device. I have a dozen of my personal projects and lack of ability to sort them is very disapointing.

The best way would be to have three options:

  1. Sort projects alphabetically (ascending and descending).
  2. Sort projects by creation date.
  3. Sort projects manually.

But at least the third point is highly necessary.

I would be very grateful if this feature would be implemented one day.


See my answer above, you should move away from Personal Projects in my opinion and create yourself a Personal Workspace… You will have manual sorting, tags… There are tools to migrate tasks if you need.


Thanks, Bastien! At least I know that it is the only option. Will do that, thank you.


I am finding the same issues with our organization. We commonly go through 600+ projects a year, many of which span several months time. That makes drag/drop completely impractical. Even being able to sort it alphabetically would make a world of difference!
I hope they add this feature soon.


Being able to sort the projects alphabetically would make a massive difference to our company. Sorting them manually is time consuming. Could you let me know if this is a feature Asana is going to consider adding? Thanks


Add my vote to the sort option request. With 50+ projects a year in various stages of design or construction, I need to be able to sort the project numbers for locating them easily.


I’m still surprised there isn’t an option for a quick sort alphabetically or, even better, project folder structure. Issue, of course, with projects that belong in two places. But we have tasks in multiple projects, so why not Projects in multiple folders? :slight_smile:


For our middle sized company we need see who has dedicated which projects (as project manager). Now I try to collect my project in my dashboard, but may happens that there is project I am responsible for it and I do not know about it. So there is missing for us sort by project owner (manager).


I use emojis for an unofficial sort function. Every similar themed project gets the same emoji at its beginning. This really helps to quickly find the project or the team you need.
It is also amazing for the search / link function; The emoji can help you quickly recognise the required project among many with very similar names.

Here is an example.

The only problem is that asana currently only supports a few emoji’s in task, project and team titles. Even the emojis ’s that do work are fairly obscure.

That is the community post about it.


Asana Team - while we love your software, you really need to up the game when it comes to streamlining a few things. This is one of them. We have 20-30 new clients every day that need to go within a single team. It would be best if we had a few auto-sort options. alphabetical, last updated, etc. I shouldn’t have to waste my time to do this manually. That defeats the purpose of having the software.

Please Help. We love using asana but the farther we get into it the more we need to streamline a few things. We have close to 100 open projects and are adding more every day.


Thanks for your feedback, @Andrea_Bryant. I’ve moved this thread to our #productfeedback category to reflect the concerns in this thread.

That said, we want to help! @Bastien_Siebman has done a terrific job of walking folks through troubleshooting options in this thread. I hope his suggestions will be helpful for you and you can also use the Asana Guide as a resource. Here’s a Guide article on project sorting.

Let us know if you have other questions! Thanks.


:basketball_man::floppy_disk::anchor: :shamrock::atom_symbol::gear::balance_scale::baseball::golf::o::black_large_square::white_large_square: :soccer::snowman::parasol_on_ground::sailboat::skier::basketball_man::mountain::fountain::tent::fuelpump::parasol_on_ground::ferry::hourglass_flowing_sand::alarm_clock: :stopwatch::timer_clock::sparkles:

^ these emojis should work in Asana.


Why is this such a difficult enhancement for Asana to implement? I cannot think of any other database system which does not permit sorting at the most fundamental structural level. Would REALLY like this implemented. Is there an ETA on this?


Hello all! Thank you for giving us such thoughtful input. We hear you and our product team is aware of your thoughts and feedback. We are taking your requests into consideration using the process outlined in this thread: **Read this before posting** How you can give feedback and what we do next.

Now that this thread is over 6 months old and we’ve noted your feedback, we will be closing this thread in order to keep the Community organized and easy for visitors to navigate. Thank you again.

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