Sort project list?


How do you sort the project list? When I try to drag a project higher in the list it shows a black circle with a line through it indicating I am not able to do it.


Hi @Victoria4 :wave:t3: and welcome to the Forum!

Could you check if you’re able to reproduce the issue from an incognito window?

Could also provide me with a little more info about the project you’re having trouble to move; are you moving it from one team to another? or are you trying to move it from one Team into your favorites?


Note: you can’t move projects around in Personal Projects


I’m not sure what Personal Projects are, but I’m trying to sort the projects we have that has been assigned to a team. Is there a way to do that in the sidebar? When I try to drag and drop I can’t re-order, it only lets me drag to another team entirely.


What is the name of your Workspace/Organization when you click on your avatar in the top right corner?