Sort project list alphabetically

Drag and drop :slight_smile:

Yeh this seems like an obvious and easy fix

Here I am in 2022 replying to a thread from 2018 wishing that this feature existed. What a time to be alive

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Hi guys, the sorting feature of projects in the left column (date of start, alphabetical, color) has now been adressed my quite a number of members. This is a 5 year old feature request -d ifficult to understand why it is being ignored.
Can you give us an update why this seems to be so complicated in terms of developing this?

Thanks and best regards from Hamburg, DE



Please could I be added to this thread too?
It would be so helpful to be able to sort projects by type and alphabetically

I do love Asana and what you have created.

Please PLEASE can we get this function! Now you have made it even more horrible by making the projects arrange by whichever is being handled more, completely messing up our manually arranged order!

Agree 100%. Project list should work like the starred items work. Put them in any order that you want. Relatedly, I just star my active projects and then manually sort them. Not ideal but it works for me.

Is there another way to contact ASANA? I don’t understand this… Why is alphabetizing not able in this otherwise intuitive program?


Yet another frustrated long time user who just doesn’t understand why we can’t simply sort projects on the left nav? Even more confused by the YEARS of lack of response from an otherwise cool company. Assuming these forums are ignored?

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Our team JUST got all of our projects and tasks loaded into Asana and have been loving how much we can get organized and collaborate. And then…Wow! 5 years and still no solution to alphabetizing the left hand column under our team list?


It is absolutely INSANE that I can’t sort a Project list alphabetically in your product.

Up-voting this suggestion. Our team would love the ability to sort the full project list alphabetically. We would also like the ability to sort templates (the section just beneath the project list) alphabetically.


Drag and drop isn’t working for me. I’m on a Business level trial, but this is a dealbreaker.

Adding to this thread. This needs to be added big time. We are new to Asana from Wrike and this is making it extremely difficult to find things. Would be very happy to be able to name things like you can in a Windows folder ie 1. First on list 2. Second on list Z. Last on list etc.

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Added a vote here too, sorting alphabetically is needed.