Sort project list alphabetically

Glad I’m not alone in this frustration.

Let’s All just keep voicing this same opinion. Eventually they have to listen and realise.

You can use Bridge24 for Asana. The left panel displays projects alphabetically. You can also generate charts and reports for your tasks.

Yes - much needed.

Yes but for an additional fee. That’s annoying and somewhat cheeky.

I want to sort projects alphabetically because it is just simply natural, and both me and my team will be able to locate jobs faster, easier, and more intuitively.

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We’re new to Asana and I’ve been trying to figure out how to sort projects. I’m so discouraged to see that people have been asking for (what seems to be) a pretty simple thing for years and have not gotten any traction with the Asana team. New features are nice but don’t really help if they’re launched and then never polished.

Adding here just to be one more voice pushing for quality of features over quantity of features.

Agreed. Our team is asking for the option to sort projects alphabetically. Not having the option to manage the order of projects makes it difficult and time consuming to find the project needed when assigned as a member of multiple projects. Please add this feature.

Because of this I’m done with Asana.
Is a VERY basic feature.

That’s a shame but its true that the Asana development team seems to spend a lot more time dreaming up new features and not fully implementing them, than sorting out some basic issues like this, which would take some bright coder 5 minutes to do.

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