Sort project list alphabetically

This sorts tasks within a project. What we need is to sort the projects under each team alphabetically in the left sidebar. It is becoming impossible to find anything!

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Hi @lpb, I don’t seem to be able to get started with Asana2Go at all.
Everything I try just returns the message “Please reload your Asana page tab/window in Chrome and try again”.

Hi @Alex_Bailey1,

I can’t repeat the problem and haven’t received any other such reports

I just sent you a private message so we should continue there to avoid cluttering this thread.



Just for the benefit of anyone following this, Alex reported that it’s actually only in the Vivaldi browser that it’s failing; it works fine for him in Chrome itself.

Hi! PLEASE add this feature ASAP for sorting projects in the sidebar. My team navigates around 100 projects, usually around 25 at a time, and dragging projects into alphabetical order has been massively inefficient. Please say that 2020 will bring this feature to Asana! :pleading_face:


Ok, going on two years since this request was made. PLEASE add this capability for sorting projects in the sidebar. We have 50+ projects on a team and it’s impossible to find them…


need it too!

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We need this so bad. Especially once a search is done.


This is urgently needed!

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I can’t believe this request is still outstanding. I’m sure it would be so easy for one of the developers to allow for projects to be viewed as Tiles or as a List and then save that as a view preference.
Plus also sort the list in alphabetical order.
I really don’t understand the Asana product development roadmap sometimes. It seems new features keep coming when there are some basics that we’ve been crying out for a long time.

So what is the sort order currently? It looks totally random to me. Or maybe its simply the order the projects were created?
If there’s no specific sort order by design, what’s wrong with changing that to alphabetical order where it would be a lot more useful to most people than ‘random’.
Surely it can only be a matter of one bright developer adding ORDER BY on the end of a SQL statement somewhere? :scream:

PLEASE ALLOW for alpha sorting of projects on left column. #productfeedback #asanasorting #sorting

Hi @Lynnelle_Sanchez, welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We have an existing thread in the forum related to this topic, I have gone ahead and merged your thread with Sort project list alphabetically to avoid duplicates and centralize feedback! I hope you don’t mind

Yes, sorting a project list alphabetically is the one major enhancement my office is hoping will be offered soon. With so many projects, it would be so helpful to quickly sort and not manually do so. Please continue keeping this enhancement suggestion on the table. Thanks!