Sort project list alphabetically within a Team

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I agree sorting projects within a Team should be imporved with basic sorting such as:

  • Alphabetical
  • Date created
  • Last modified

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Amazing! Thank you so much for helping me merge my post with this larger thread! :pray:

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thumbs up for this. i folllowed this thread and saw it came up initially in jun 18. there are a lot of user requests here but nothing is happening. i see this a lot in this forum. i am wondering what the ambassador community is really for when there are releases on features nobody asked for but the features there are needs given are not prioritized…

We’ve been longtime users of Asana, and have never loved the Project sorting/viewing situation as we have tons of projects, but the updates they did to the sidebar have made the situation so much worse. The fact that there isn’t a single place to click in Asana that will just show me ALL of the projects for my team in a sortable and effectively viewable way is absurd. Finding this thread has been going since 2018 is the disheartening cherry on top. What is going on here?


I’d like to chime in on this — just started using Asana for our small business, and we’re confused by the inability to sort projects in alphabetical order. This goes both the team view, and in custom search results via the project tab (where the only options are due date, owner, relevance, or last modified.)

Please add this seemingly-simple quality of life feature.


Hi @Kolin_Pope , welcome to the forum :wave:

Thanks for adding your voice - good points raised! I’m also hoping the Asana team can add this in the near future :pray:

Same, this is such a basic thing that should have been already implemented, this simple sort is making me switch our team to Monday unfortunately.


Are we still waiting for an alphabetical listing of projects. I can sort aphabetically on the side bar, but with the number of projects we have, it doesn’t always work (think spinning pinwheel after letter “D”). I’m shocked this hasn’t been solved in over 5 years of people asking!

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+1 This is a basic feature that should be added ASAP.

I agree! It is annoying that we cannot sort team projects alphabetically

+111111 for the ability plz!

Asana, any update here? Clients have been requesting this feature for 7 years.

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Update as of May 8, 2024: Alphabetical sorting on teams pages is coming soon: