Sort project list alphabetically within a Team

Just adding that we’d really like this to be implemented soon…and I think it would be great to hear from someone at Asana since this request was originally opened in 2018 and has had consistent requests ever since.


Asana - It takes a few seconds to respond, either way.

4 years 185 days & counting…

Incidentally, we have moved on to a competitor’s product but I am intrigued by ASANA’s lack of interest in this particular issue so I will continue to monitor the topic.

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from Jun '18? Let’s get this handled please

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Our agency has a great number of projects in Asana, which we like to have our entire team have accessible. While the ability to drag and drop the order is great, but some of our team members don’t like it.

It would be very very helpful to have an optional alphabetized view of the project list as well for those who prefer it.

This is exactly what I came here to suggest. It would be so helpfu!

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I would really like this feature as well

We also need this as well. Is this a feature yet?

Did you ever figure this out Patrick?

We also need this feature. It is very important. We have all projects ordered by number.
But when archived, we loose the order. It is avery important feature should be included.

I agree - in fact I’d like to see projects listed in alphabetical order by default. If I’m looking at the entire list it’s because I need to find something, so alpha order would be most helpful.

Me too!

anything done on this?

A complete list of projects sortable by name, please, please, please. Major pain point.

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I’m struggling to find my projects on the left panel since they are presented on a date created basis, instead of alphabetically. Any way to change this?

No you can’t change the order of the project on the left (you can re-arrange them, but not sort them)


Hi Bastian,
Has there been any updates that can automatically sort the left panel alphabetically since 3 years ago? Its a pain to sort them and having to scroll through the entire list all the time to find them. Thanks!

No update. My opinion: you should never search a project this way. Use the search, always :slight_smile:

How can you rearrange them?