Sort project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example)

I totally agree. It would be so helpful if Asana let you sort by multiple categories. What I really need from my team’s project is to sort by category and by due date. Right now if I sort by category the tasks are not in due date order so I can’t quickly view the timeline for a category. When tasks are out of chronological order, I find it frustrating to move projects forward. And if I sort by due date, I then can’t sort by category. Adding this additional sorting would be so helpful!

Ability to sort tasks by multiple fields not just one. For example, we have two fields in our project: Status & Team. We’d like to first group the items by Status, then by Team in a view for quick dashboarding.

Hi Natalia,
Is the team anywhere closer to resolving this feature request? Could you please share some insight as to the ETA? Thanks.


Hi Natalia,

I wanted to follow-up on Ellie’s question as I am also really needing this feature to keep using Asana. Is there an ETA for this?

Thanks very much!


Hey Natalia,

we’re using with our fulfillment partner and filter the tasks by many criteria as it is quite long. This feature to filter by more than one criteria is essential for us and doesn’t seem like a big challenge to code. Is there any plan whether you’re already working on this?
Thanks a lot!



just to clarify. filter by multiple criteria in is basic. we need to have that in Asana as well.


Hi guys,

Could you give us ETA, please?

Thank you.

Adding a +1 to this topic. We have a project for tracking meetings that need to be booked and I use statuses of ‘LIVE’, ‘WAITING’, ‘HOLD’.
I’d like to be able to have a filter to see Live and Waiting (so only HOLD is hidden).
Is this feature on the roadmap?

The Asana team has allocated sufficient resources to make a unicorn that flies across my screen every time I complete a milestone, but I can’t sort my personal tasks by project AND date?? I can’t see sub-tasks on the timeline??

It would be really nice if we didn’t have to wait YEARS for important and SUPER BASIC features to get added.

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I’d love to see timeline filters added as well. This would be super helpful to send a timeline snapshot to a specific assignee or group of assignees in a department so they don’t have to weed through a very complex timeline to identify their own critical path. Thanks!

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For us it’s the ability to filter by Multiple Custom Fields that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Years later and still no update here? Is this not a priority or is there any plans to do this in coming months? This is a vital missing function.

This would be very useful on the board. I would like to sort by Priority and Due date.


Hi Everyone
It would be great to have the ability to filter and sort on multiple fields within the Portfolio and Project views

Hi @Darren_Walker1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to sort by multiple custom fields or options. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Sort project by 2 criteria (Due date and assignee for example) to centralize feedback.

Today, I really need this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Emily_Roman, is this product enhancement, on the radar? Is there a tentative timeline by which we can have this functionality?

Thank you.

Lots of different use cases here, so Filter and Sort by any (non-comment) field should be added to all View types (List, Board, Calendar, Timeline etc) at the earliest, since as has been remarked, this has been basic functionality in many similar online tools for years. For my part, adding these features to the Timeline would make it super useful as right now I’m having to work around that gap, which is wasting time. Thank you.

Within a Section called Scheduled, I want to sort tasks by 2 fields: “Required for launch” (Yes/ No) and then “Priority” (High, Medium, Low).
Is that not currently possible?

Haha, now i want a third sort! “Task Progress” :grimacing:

@Emily_Roman one more comment. :slight_smile:

The sorting should not just be for 1, 2 or 3 categories. Sorting should be available for all/any number of fields in the project. So if there are 7 columns, and we want tasks sorted in following sequence:

    1. Progress State
    1. Assignee
    1. Due Date
    1. % Completion

it should be possible to do so.

So to describe a use-case:

  • I want to see all tasks under ‘In Progress’, ‘In QA’, ‘Ready to Go-live’ etc. together. So I’ll sort by Progress State.
  • Then within that, it will sort based on Assignee. So tasks under each Progress State are grouped by Assignee
  • Next I want to see the tasks based on Due date.
  • And Lastly I want to see % Completion sorted in Descending order. i.e. Least completed task at the bottom and most completed on the top, so that we know which work is almost done and can be closed ASAP.

Thank you.

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