Sort project by date and save selection



I open a project and sort the tasks by due date. But after I log out and back in the sorting goes away so I have to sort by date again.
Is there a way to save my selection so that I don’t have to do the sorting every time I open the project?


Great question, @Alejandro_Mucino, and there is :smile: You can do this by sorting the project by your preferred settings, and then clicking on the sort menu and selecting “Save View for Everyone” (screenshot below).
Hope this helps!


The problem is that I don’t see the “Manage custom fields” or the “Save view for everyone” . My window ends in the sort menu.


Hi @Alejandro_Mucino! Unfortunately, the “Save view for everyone” is not available for Saved Reports at the moment; sincere apologies for the inconvenience! I’ve gone ahead and moved your post in the #productfeedback so other users can vote for this feature request.


That makes sense. Thank you!