Sort order when add to project

It’s been changed recently (couple of weeks) - and before it worked like added tasks to the bottom of section in another project, but now it’s added in unpredicted order.

See two tasks I added to the project to section - I expected they added to the bottom, but one was added as 4rd in the list, and second was added to the bottom.

Why it’s so? What’s new logic behind this, and is there any chance it can work as earlier (predicated way)

I didn’t find similar bugreport. And yeap, I know you won’t implement this soon, but at least you’ve got task for this. Maybe it can be fixed by the next 5 years :slight_smile:

hi @And and thanks for the report!

Could you give the steps to follow to reproduce this issue? The screenshot is helpful, but I don’t fully understand how your project is sorted and whether or not the tasks you’re highlighting in your screenshot are multihomed or not. If you could share a little more insights I’d be happy to liaise with our engineers and find out whether this is a bug or an expected behaviour! Looking forward to your reply!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create “project1” and “project2”
  2. Put section “test” to “project2”
  3. Create tasks in “project1”
  • test 1
  • test 2
  • test 3
  1. Put:
    4.1. “test 3” to “project2” to “test” section
    4.2. “test 2” to “project2” to “test” section
    4.3. “test 1” to “project2” to “test” section

Expected result:

“project2” has under section “test” the following order of tasks:

  • test 3
  • test 2
  • test 1

Actual result:

  • test 2
  • test 1
  • test 3

You can select multiple tasks on step 4, it produces the same result. I don’t see any reasonable logic behind this - probaby it uses time when task is created or something.

Actually this bug very very annoys, I have to spend more time to add tasks in proper order, and when I add tasks I have additionally to reorder them each time. Since I know how frequent Asana delivers bugfixes I have no hope it’ll be fixed soon, so I prepare my mindset it’s ok and will be forever :frowning:

Though I would be more than happy if Asana’s dev team would revert this logic to previous that was predictable (new tasks going to the bottom of sections - actual result I posted)

Any news on this, or it’s expected behaviour after upgrade? Are there related issues reported by other users?