Sort or Filter Timeline within a Portfolio

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us - I’m happy to share that we’re rolling out Portfolio Filters!

Want to filter a Portfolio that has a long list of projects to get a more strategic view? Perhaps, you only want to see projects where owners have marked it as “At Risk”. Or, wanted to remove archived projects from your view and only see unarchived ones?

:rocket: What’s new?

Introducing Portfolio Filters - we want to make it easier for you to better manage your Portfolios by introducing basic filtering functionality to help you more easily create the views you need when you have a large list of projects.

To add a filter, it’s as easy as clicking on the “Filter” icon on the top right and selecting your view.

You’ll be able to filter by archive status, completion status, owner, priority, status or status update.

This feature has begun rolling out to our customers and as of May 15, we’re at 10%!


Hi all, we found that this feature request was about sorting/filtering on Timeline, not the project list in Portfolio, so we are re-opening this topic.
Thank you @Ka_Nishiyama for flagging this :slight_smile:

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There are a few threads mentioning this but they are all very old and seem to not move forward… The timeline view should offer the same filtering and sorting options as the list view. For example, I have a project for each Team member to manage their workload (better than the portfolio so far). So a team member would have a bunch of tasks all belonging to many different projects. I created a custom field named Project Label that helps me identify easily which project the task belongs to. (Not using the Projects field because those tasks are visible in many projects responding to different needs in the organization)
→ I can organize my List view with this custom field and it looks pretty good, all sections taking the name of that Project Label. Very easy to see all the tasks a team member is doing per project.
→ Now if I want to see how much time it takes for that person to work on that project, I would go to the timeline but I can’t filter per project and I don’t see why it’s not already available because it doesn’t seem to require any new development really…

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I’m gutted to discover that Asana doesn’t support it’s own filter options in the timeline view… I had huge ambitions for utilizing the timeline view, but this completely prevents them.

Once again, off to another tool I go… :confused:


I feel you… I had the same excitement until I really try to use it and find it too buggy. The lack of filter prevents from actually getting information you really need. The layout is hard to read, no lines no grid, no options to remove weekends, no option to a a lag time between dependent tasks. The list itself doesn’t even adjust the dates when they are dependencies … what’s the logic behind? Asana in all it’s different views and features has always something missing or even just not working. Asana is an unfinished product and has had enquirers from the communities for 4 years related to timelines and they still didn’t change anything. Focus on the real things Asana please. Who cares about putting a like on a task

We also need to be able to filter the timeline by custom fields. This week we were planning humanitarian projects for the next fiscal year. I have a project that lists each potential project as a task and each is assigned a project type. We needed to be able to see each project type in the timeline view separately. The only way I could do this is to “complete” the tasks of a single type and show completed tasks on the timeline. Very cumbersome. Also, I don’t see in the list view a way to filter by more than one project type (the project type custom field is a single select). I should be able to filter more than one item from the same custom field, e.g. New Wells and Well Repairs together.

Lately, I have noticed an increase in the frequency of utilizing my portfolio.
However, I find myself facing a predicament due to the absence of sorting and filtering options on the timeline.
I humbly request that you expedite the implementation of these functionalities.

Hi @Davy_Dadou and all, we reopened Sort or Filter Timeline within a Portfolio (moved out of “Features Launched” subcategory to Product Feedback), so let me merge this related posts into the main topic.

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My biggest use case would be to filter out “Completed” projects so it doesn’t muddy up the view and require so much scrolling to get to the effective area. We have a portfolio set up to house all our Design requests and I don’t want to remove the completed ones from the portfolio so we are able to maintain metrics on the dashboards BUT without filtering, the timeline view is basically worthless.

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Checking on this, is there any timeline on when this feature will be created as it is a nuance that the projects cannot be filtered in the timeline view.

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We are finding a major limitation with the inability to filter and sort the timeline view. We often report out to leadership about the status of projects and having the ability to customize and utilize the timeline would be incredibly beneficial.

As it stands, we are using an external project to create a timeline view for leadership and manually entering the information. It is incredibly time consuming and leaves room for human error.

The feature to be able to sort and filter in Timeline view in Portfolio is crucial for us. We’re trying to use the Portfolios as our road-map but having multiple projects in various teams with no ability to sort e.g. by teams & priority or other custom fields makes it not possible to use. It’s also tricky not to be able to filter out e.g. completed projects in the Timeline view.

Due to this we need to create manual road-maps which is not ideal.

Is this feature expected any time soon?

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In my case, I would like to group the projects within a portfolio by a specific field. I guess this would be similar to a sort, only with a visual indication of where the value of the sort field changes.

Hi @Andreas_Limacher , welcome to the forum :wave:

Not sure whether you want to group projects within the Portfolio’s Timeline view or not, but what you describe is currently possible in the Portfolio’s List view; if you sort by a single-select or multi-select type custom field, then your projects will be grouped by that field with a section name visually dividing your projects.

To achieve this, you need to first add the custom field to your portfolio and then populate each project with a value of that sorted custom field.

Yes, this is exactly the functionality that I’m missing in the timeline view.
I described it like that, because I’d usually call that “grouping”, but I’ve noticed that Asana does that through “sorting”.

Actually, you’re right the terminology is ‘grouping’, which has finally made an appearance in Boards and recently in List views of projects. Hopefully the same mechanics will be applied to Portfolios, which currently has ‘sorting’ rather than ‘grouping’. Consistency should be on it’s way… soon! :pray:

There is actually a useful Filtration group for this in List View- Archive status! If you have completed projects, archive them and then you are able to filter by Archive status. Does not help for the Timeline, however.

Yeah, we are using this already in the list view, but it would be helpful in the Timeline.

Hi All,

A partial update on this: multi-filtering and sorting is now available in portfolio list view. See this post for more info: