Sort functionality for new Department or team field added into profile

Can anyone tell me if the functionality will ever be added where we can sort the Workload view by team name (added into each member’s profile) rather than just individuals? Also, will we ever be able to add an entire team to a task rather than just individuals or individuals with collaborators?

As far as I know this is not ont he roadmap I have seen. Asana does not share a roadmap publicly.

This has been discussed at length on the forum (search for multi assignee) and Asana’s philosophy is against it (for now?).

Hi @Tracy_Goodhue, thanks for reaching out!

Feel free to create a thread in the #productfeedback category for your Workload view request. This will give other Forum members the opportunity to upvote your request.

You can find an existing thread requesting multiple assignees on a single task here: Assign multiple assignees on one task. Feel free to upvote this also! :slight_smile:

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