Sort from oldest to newest



When I want to follow up on old tasks created without due date or responible. How do I get a list sorting from creation time oldest to newest?


If you can do advanced searches, select tasks, add Nobody as assigned to, and select Incomplete only:

And then change the sort to Creation Time:

You can then save it as a report (if you wish):


@Finn_Stenberg, you might find this tip helpful. @paulminors has great content on day-in and day-out usage of asana.



Yes I’m aware but it seems to sort from Newest to Oldest and not Oldest to Newest.


Gotcha. I’ve never figured out a way to invert a sort. You might consider a product enhancement post.


Thanks for the suggestion. Changed to a product enhancement post.


Hi, I do not see the sort by “Creation Time” did you remove it or is something wrong with my project configuration. I can sort by the items below;
Due Date
and my custom fields

Please re-add it if you removed it because I need it a lot to see recently added tasks.



Just found that I can sort by Creation Time if I do a search, but not if I am in the project detail, please add Creation Time sort to project sorting also because I can not see my custom fields on search result view.



I still have it:

Changes do seem to roll out to different groups at different times, but I know different sort selections exist (i.e. different between My Tasks and Advanced Search). Are you talking about in Advanced Search? That’s what these criteria were in reference to.


It exists in Search Results -> sort options but not in Project Detail -> List ->sort options.
I have this in there:


Sort by Last Modified would be nice in Project->List -> sort options also.


My initial post was about advanced search, yes. Finding old tasks without due date and without responible and then sort that from oldest to newest.