Sort by Due Date - ascending or descending option

This would be a very helpful addition! I can’t even count how many times I’ve sorted to find things out of place.

I feel like there are more and more features I Google about Asana only to find out 1) they can’t be done 2) there are several threads full of people asking for it to be fixed over the course of years.
It’s usually basic stuff like sorting, which a chart in TablePress could do.

I guess we did get new icon colors though and that’s nice.


Please please please add this feature. Our team spends way too much time scrolling through old tasks and a simple ascending/descending sort option would solve this instantly.

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I actually can’t believe this was not done when they first built this. For me this isn’t even a feature request this is a bug they need to fix. Maybe because this feature has so many votes its at the bottom of their sort list so no one ever gets to it. Maybe they could use the help of a project management tool to help them do this. Oh wait is ASANA not a project management tool… This is so Dumb

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I created a Custom Field that was numeric and that is cool. Tasks are scored using multiple metrics. The default sort is low number at the top, large number at the bottom. Tasks that have multiple metrics obviously end up with larger values for a score and are at the bottom.

We want them to then be at the TOP of the list for everyone to focus on and a reverse sort (found in most apps these days) would be just the trick. Default is low to high, click on it again and reverse to High to Low. This is a pretty low bar to meet in 2022.

Could this be given a little more thought by the Asana team?

Asana, so rich in features, abilities, customizations and automation. But sorting lacks some serious core features like this and multi-column sorting. It almost seems like you’re playing a practical joke on us with this one. Even a dude made a basic browser extension to fill in this void that you guys refuse to!

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Agreed. Pretty shocked that this isn’t a built-in feature from the beginning and super easy to implement.

Asana is a very slick and rich app, but the omission of descending sort option on any fields is baffling. It likely requires updating a dozen or so lines of code with some extra logic.

Multi-column sort as well, but that’s another topic.

Honestly its been 2 years since this thread started and still this very VERY basic sort feature is not implemented. Its a major oversight. What product manager decided users only need to see the oldest tasks first? Can this be implemented like ASAP??

Was just looking for a solution to this when I came upon your comment, Terry. I would agree and second your request!

Yeah its pretty frustrating especially when they have the up/down arrows beside the filter which indicates sorting ASC/ DES. It seems like a terrible tease.

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We’re still waiting, Asana!

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Crazy that this isn’t a feature yet. How hard can it be?

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Also adding my vote for this. It’s a major issue for anyone using the recurring task function especially. I often need to pull data from old tasks, and when your recurring task list is almost 3 years long and you only need data from the last 6 weeks… Yeah. It’s a pain. Right now I’m trawling through the calendar, but it would be a lot faster if I could just sort by recent due dates.

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Please add this feature-- my heart just sank as I sorted my board by date and realized that it was Only possible in the oldest-newest view. This is NOT useful when I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to view the current tasks!


Another big let down by asana. You give us so many customizing options and rules and everything but not this basic feature. Whyyyyyyyy.

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It’s January 2023 – it has been FOUR YEARS since this feature request was submitted. As others have already stated, having an application that is largely based around table-views of sortable content with no ascending or descending sort options is kind of astounding, especially for enterprise level software used by large teams with tons of complex information to be sorted.

This thread has 11,600 views and over fifty replies, and there is clearly an overwhelming desire among Asana users to have this feature. PLEASE PUT SOMEONE ON THE ASANA DEVELOPMENT TEAM ON THIS PROJECT AND PRIORITIZE IT!!

– Someone who loves Asana and wants it to be better :^)


Hi all and thank you so much for sharing your feedback.

We’re planning to start testing this in the next few weeks as part of a larger update. Please note that we’ll need to test this for several weeks and possibly iterate on the future, so it might take another while before it becomes available to all. I will circle back here once I have a firm timeline for the public launch, stay tuned!


Is there a way for me to sign up for beta releases? Like a fast track?

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Hi all, thank you so much for your feedback.
We are excited to share that we recently launched a reverse sort on List and Board view :tada:
Announcement is here: New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views!

You can now choose ‘Ascending’ or ‘Descending’ in your filter.


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