solution for a task disappearing when i moved it from the task pane to the same job in the projects column (on accident). .

When you click and drag a task from an open job to another job in the projects pane it transfers the data no prob. If you hover the task over the same open job in the projects area, it disappears .
I can not find where it went … Any ideas or experience?

HI @Scott13, I’m not sure what you’re referring to with “jobs”, are you talking about subtasks?

Can you confirm if this “job” is complete or incomplete when you move it to the project task list? Assuming “job = subtask”, if you move a completed subtask to your project task list, the subtask now promoted to the task level may “disappear” if your project is filtered to incomplete tasks only. In this case, you would need to set your project to “all” or “completed” tasks to see this subtask in your project list.

This answer is based on a lot of assumption, so please let me know if you mean something else by “job”, and I’ll be happy to help!