Social Media Calendar Template

I’m sure this is an obvious answer but I promise I looked through the forum and couldn’t find what my issue is. I am using the Social Media Calendar Template, and the scheduled this week posts don’t update to the current week. So all my posts from last week (that I marked as complete) still show up as scheduled this week. The column titled scheduled for next week posts are really this week’s posts. Do I just delete the completed posts and move the next weeks post to this week posts at the beginning of the week or am I overlooking something obvious? If so, I’ll blame it on the baby that. doesnt. sleep :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi @Larissa_Mrozek. On the board in the right hand side there should be an option to filer or show tasks set that to not show completed tasks and you should be all good

Hope that helps let me know if screenshot would help.


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Thanks for the response! I can filter out completed tasks, but it doesn’t move scheduled tasks to the current week. It’s an easy drag and drop, but I thought maybe it was build in to the scheduling system.