So when does asana's new software vision take place?

LOVED the video, especially the last 3 minute talking about OKR functionality etc. Do we have at least a rough estimate of when exactly the OKR features will be tested or rolled out?

Yeah what happened to OKR functionality?

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EXACTLY!!! :frowning:

I feel like us OKR junkie’s got left behind and the big Asana corporation doesn’t care about us anymore lol

@Finn_Stenberg and @Sam_Leahey,

I believe Asana recommends Portfolios for OKRs:

and I think this is their first step toward the vision.

I offer a solution I’ve devised for OKRs which 1) does not require Business tier like Portfolios, and 2) offers integrated Timeline view (which Portfolios does not though this will be coming soon) and has some other benefits too. It does not require any third-party tools; just Asana. More about it is here; please PM me if you’re interested:

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