Snoozing Inbox Items (better “follow-up” capability)



Hey guys,
Asana is a great tool for managing your team however, I have found that I struggle following up with tasks I’ve commented on to give directives to my team.

A really simple integration would be an Inbox “snooze feature”.
This would allow me to keep my Inbox clean by choosing to snooze an Inbox item that I just commented back to a team member on, rather than archiving it and potentially forgetting to follow up.

(I understand there is a follow up task feature on the desktop but in my opinion it’s not quite as simple and effective as a snooze item repopulating in your Inbox would be. Not to mention, it is not an option via mobile).

Curious to hear if anyone else has a tough time hammering their team with tons of volume without having the capability to easily follow up on key items.



Create a Dedicated Pane for the Inbox

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