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Our team have decided to make use of the Eisenhower Matrix, dividing our tasks into what’s urgent & important, important but not urgent, etc. We’re going to be using tags to assign tasks as in progress, delayed, etc. and are wanting to put these into columns in the weekly planner, but it occurred to me… is there already a way to do this automatically? And if there isn’t, should there be?

Ideally, it would be a column titled, for example, In Progress, which then pulls tasks that have that tag assigned to them. And this could be the case for any tag that you choose…

Hi Lara,

Are you referring to the Board style projects and having each column represent a different box in the Eisenhower Matrix? I think that would be a great idea. At this point there is no automatic way for tasks with tags to be automatically assigned to a specific column in the board style. As far as you question, should there be, well I’m not sure. Everyone uses Asana a little differently. That’s the great thing about Asana, it’s so flexible. I know a lot of groups use the board style for Kanban style tracking. In that method, since you are moving tasks from one column to the next I don’t think you would automatically want to assign it to a column based on tags unless you are changing the tags to move the task. If you would like, you are welcome to pop over to the feedback area of the forum to submit it as a suggestion where others can vote on it. You never know, there may be others in the community that would like to see this feature too.


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Hi @Lara_Salomon,

FYI you can very easily accomplish this via the If-Then Rule feature of Flowsana:


@Lara_Salomon, Flowsana addresses your specific request, but for a different take on Eisenhower and Asana, have a look at the following, which may give you more flexibility in organizing your tasks in Asana by using tags or custom fields for the Eisenhower categories: