Smaller/alternative task type to show date range in Calendar

I have attached a screenshot of my teams promotional calendar. We have a need for the ability to show how long a promotion will be running. Additionally we have the specific campaigns that are tasked for a particular day.

As you can see the (orange) bars showing length of Promotions are just another task, but these are large and take up a lot of space. It would be great if this could be a different type of element that was more of a thin line or thinner bar, not taking up so much space.

Additionally, it would be great if there was the ability to ALWAYS show day’s “Show More” links expanded… There’s been a few times my team has missed campaigns because we didn’t see the “3 more” link to click on it.

Hi @Josh_Taylor, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! We do have an existing request for the option to “Show more” by default already in the forum. You can vote for this feature here: How to disable "show more" in Calendar view, so that it shows everything always

Regarding a different task type to show an ongoing task (that takes up less space), I hear you! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca,

I tried to search for the features I was posting about first, but didn’t come across them. Thanks for the assist.

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