Slide to complete or delete a task

@Emily_Roman @Marie can you update on the status of this please? It’s incredibly frustrating to have this feature not working and it’s been over a month. Arbitrarily disabling a feature because you’re in development is not cool.

Wanting to add to this feed to keep the issue prominent. App usage has suffered from not being able to triage tasks by swiping left or completing by swiping right.

Thank you for working hard to remedy this issue Asana Team!

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Hi everyone! sorry for the late follow-up here. We are escalating every feedback to our Product Team, thank you for sharing! The A/B test is running for another couple of days and we hope to have updates shortly.

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Hi @Emily_Roman. Thanks for your communication and working with the dev team.

I’m just throwing my vote in here as well to help escalate this.

The swipe functionality was a huge help for me and made using the iPad and the iOS versions worthwhile.

For the time being I’ve had to move back to the desktop and I’m using keyboard shortcuts again.

I vote for bringing swipe gestures back ASAP :+1:t4::+1:t4:

(PS I can also confirm that the swipe functionality does still work on sub-tasks)

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Adding my vote too, please please please bring the swipe bar back precisely as it was. It was perfect.
I get the need to a/b test but testing functionality elsewhere shouldn’t need to remove it from an unrelated area.

Please bring back ASAP and thank you Emily so much for replying on this thread

@Emily_Roman @Marie just checking in, about 10 days ago Emily said there was only a couple days of testing left, is this coming back anytime soon? If not I’m converting our entire organization over to another platform. (I was already on the edge since we still don’t have the ability to create repetitive tasks like “every 1st Tuesday” or “every 3rd Friday”)

I also used to really like this functionality. I saw this thread a while ago and it sounded like it was being fixed. App was updated recently and this functionality still isn’t there. Any ideas on a timescale? It makes it a real pain if you have a number of tasks that you want to move to later or change the date on and you have to go into each task individually to edit it.

Dear Asana, please provide an update on the timeline for fixing this. It’s really annoying not having this functionality. Thank you.

I had a fascinating discovery with the issue the other day. For my task list under one “organization” (that I use most often), the slide function does not work. However, I went into another “organization” (that is stored in Asana under the same email address, but which I rarely use) to update my task list, and I discovered that, somehow, the slide function still works there, even for newly-created tasks. So, if others have multiple “organizations” in your Asana accounts, you might try a different one to see if you can get the functionality in the interim while Asana programmers fix the issue more broadly.

But, I’ll also add to the growing number of requests and check-ins about status of the repair to say that it would be much easier if this problem was just remedied across the platform.


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@Kristine_Stepenuck, thanks for sharing. I just tried and can confirm that the swipe still works for me in other workspaces. Very strange!

It’s an A/B test so of course will work in some places and not others while they collect data. Still this has been far too long and we should have the option to reenable it if we want.

Any update on when this is coming back. It does my head in every day!


Agreed! Thanks @Kristine_Stepenuck for pointing out your discovery. That indeed worked for me as well.

It’s very disappointing that this hasn’t been resolved yet. We should at least be able to not be a part of the A/B testing. We don’t like it - we want our swipe gestures back! It’s an important part of my work flow that has just been broken for the past 2 months.

@Emily_Roman is there any update? I pay Asana hundreds of pounds a month - they could at least listen to us. To force us to be part of an AB test for months is just bizarre!

Hi everyone,

Thanks you so much for your patience and taking the time to share your feedback with us. As promised I want to keep you posted here.

The A/B test finished a few weeks ago and after analysing the results, we’ve decided to go ahead and roll the new Grid view on Mobile. We’re aware that by doing so, we have removed the ability to slide to complete and we want to thank you for your feedback. Rest ensured that we’re looking at options to implement this feature or some replacement for it. I will use this thread to keep you updated.

In the meantime, I’m moving this thread to our product feedback category, to allow you to vote for this request, and easily keep track of your feedback!

Hi @Emily_Roman
Thanks for the update deeply frustrating and disappointing as the content is.

Can you give some info as to where this grid view on mobile can be seen?

I’ve seen no benefit and just many many extra taps needed since the removal of the swipe functionality.

Is it really the case that the features are mutually exclusive?

Many thanks

@Emily_Roman sorry just to check, as far as I can tell Grid view isn’t applicable to the My Tasks screen in the mobile app?

So that being the case I really really don’t get why the swipe on the tasks can possibly no longer be possible because of grid view being a thing when on project view.

For me it’s swipe feature on the my tasks screen that I dearly want to have back.

Has that specific request been raised rather than broader/global swipe functionality?

Upvoting bringing back the ability to swipe to complete, add to projects, and add due dates. I used to do much of my Asana work on the app but this “improvement” took it back to the dark ages. I now wait until I’m at my laptop to avoid frustration and time wasting. Please bring this feature back!

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What??! Why would you make the decision to remove a really useful feature that clearly lots of people want?

Just to make this clear…

At any given time I can have 20+ Asana tasks in my ‘today’ list that need rearranging. Can you imagine what a ballache it would be to drag each of those tasks all the way down to later/upcoming (with no visual indication that they’ve actually landed in those sections I hasten to add!)

The alternative is to click into each task, click the …, mark for upcoming, click close, click back zzzz

How can an A/B test possibly have decided that this was the right decision?


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