Slide to complete or delete a task

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: In the past week or so, in an iPhone 8, Asana’s task list (My Tasks) lost the ability to slide the task to the right to complete it, or to the left to delete it.

Steps to reproduce: open My Tasks. Try to accept or delete by sliding task to right or left.

Browser version: Asana app run on iPhone 8 Version 13.3.1

Upload screenshots below: NA

Hi @Kristine_Stepenuck and thanks for the report!

I’ve just tried to reproduce your issue and I have the option to slide the task to the right to complete it. My software version is 13.4.1.

Could you please ensure your software is updated to the latest version. This should most likely fix this issue.

Let me know if that works, looking forward to your reply!

Thanks Emily. I upgraded and, unfortunately, the problem still exists for me.

Hi @Kristine_Stepenuck,

I’m sorry to hear the issue persists. I have gone ahead and escalated this to our Development Team. I’ll get back to you once I have an update.

Let me know if you have any further questions in the meantime.

Hi, I used to be able to quickly mark tasks as completed or edit due date etc by swiping left or right respectively on a task in the list view. This features has disappeared in the latest version. Any plans to add again? This hs slowed my productivity enormously! Thanks, Max

Hi @Maximilian_Ebner, welcome to the Community Forum!

According to your description I believe you are referring to the Asana mobile app. Can you please confirm the follow information:

  • Is you device Android or iOS?
  • Can you also confirm the Asana app version?

Thank you! Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Emily,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Yes, it is about the app. I am using the iOS 8.15.0 version.



I am having the same problem. 3 ipads at our shop do not allow swipe to complete anymore as of just a few days ago but I can swipe to complete on my office ipad now. Please help as this feature is very important to our team that is using their task list daily.
Thank you,

Thanks for reporting this @anon28718928 and @Maximilian_Ebner!

Other users have reported the same issue and we have escalated this internally. I’m merging your post with the current bug report and I’ll let you know once I have an update. Thanks for your patience!

Hi everyone! :wave:

I just got an update from our Product Team. We are currently A/B testing the grid feature for iOS, which disables swipe to complete in My Tasks & Projects. I’ll keep you updated once the test is completed and if we have more details in regards to this feature.

Thanks for your understanding! Let me know if you have follow up questions.

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Same issue here. iPhone 8. Haven’t been able to slide tasks either direction (to complete or edit) for a couple weeks

Any update? I am having the same issue and it’s really impacting my productivity.

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Hi @Lucas_Pulley and @Jodine_Chase1, thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry for the trouble here.

We still don’t have updates about this. Our team is currently working on the Grid feature for iOS and the swipe to complete option has been disabled. I’ll update this thread once I have more information.

Thanks for your patience! Let me know if you have follow up questions.

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Removing the swipe feature was a terrible decision. I hate the way the new app performs, and if it’s not fixed very soon I’ll be looking for another task manager.
It really makes me lose my trust in a company when they remove features I use daily without warning.
Checking off tasks on an iPhone takes effort. Half the time it doesn’t detect that I’m trying to check off a task, and it opens the task instead. This is frustrating enough to make me stop using the app entirely.

It seems like the new features are for people using tablets. It looks absolutely terrible on an iPhone. I can’t believe they would remove the swipe feature with no notice and no option of reenabling it. I’m probably just going to switch to a different app anyways…lost faith in this company.
I used to tell everyone about how awesome and easy Asana is, but never again.

Further to this, j have noticed that the swipe feature remains if the item is a sub task.

Hope this helps,

  • Jodine
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Same problem for me as the grid feature is being tested no quick swipe functionality as stated in My Projects or My Tasks. I agree that this is a key functionality whereas the grid feature is not. I really hope quick swipe comes back soon.


Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us and apologies for any inconvenience caused here. As @Emily_Roman mentioned we’re currently running an A/B test to collect feedback on adding our new grid view to iOS. The reason we do A/B tests is to make sure we can collect this type of feedback before launching anything more broadly. Emily has escalated your feedback to our Mobile team to take on board, and while I can’t promise anything at this stage, I hope we can find a way to resolve this issue. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, this is really helpful!

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I’d love to pile on the feedback here and say the removal of this feature has made Asana basically obsolete for me. Will be switching off this isn’t sorted out soon - can’t imagine the logic in removing this feature

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Agreed. I loved the feature. I love the ability to move tasks from Today, Upcoming, and Later through the swipe feature as well. Please bring it back. It take so much more time to organize my task list now.

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