Slack Rule - Don't want to unfurl in Channel

Hey y’all -

I have a project Slack channel I want to push to a notification to when the Asana Task has changed to the next stage (Section). Rule works great.

However, since there’s also discussion happening in that channel, I don’t want the Asana Bot messages to take up 20 lines; I want them to just show the name of the task in the shorter version you can turn on in personal preferences.

Is there any way to set Slack Channel Rule Messages to not unfurl and just show the short version?


Hi @Paige_Pulaski_Jones, thanks for reaching out!

While it’s not possible to set Slack notification to not unfurl via Asana, this might be something that is possible on Slack’s end. I suggest reaching out to Slack support directly for more info on this. :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do!

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath! My thread with Slack led me back here! (They gave me permission to share the thread with you.) Any ideas?

Chat started: 2021-07-08 02:18 PM UTC

(02:18:07 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Set Slack to not unfurl Asana Bot messages in channel
(02:18:07 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Hey y’all! I have an Asana rule set up that sends a message to a channel I set up for a project every time an Asana Task changes Sections (status). It works great.

I’m interested in finding a way to get the compressed Asana message from Asana Bot to send vs. the unfurled version. It’s a lot to look at in a project channel when it takes up 20-ish lines. Is there a way I can just show the name of the Task vs. also including the first 6 lines of the Description?

Asana pointed me y’all’s way for help with settings on this. Hope we can work something out! Thanks!
(02:18:12 PM) *** Alan joined the chat ***
(02:18:14 PM) Alan: Hi there!
(02:18:22 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Hi Alan!
(02:18:44 PM) Alan: I’m happy to help out here, Paige. I hope you’re doing well!
(02:19:08 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Thanks, hope you are too.
(02:19:12 PM) Alan: Just gathering some info on how you can do that now.
(02:19:28 PM) Alan: Can you show me a screenshot of the current message?
(02:19:38 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Visitor uploaded: Screen-Shot-2021-07-08-at-10.15.05-AM.png

Type: image/png
Size: 314119
(02:19:39 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Here’s the screenshot I provided that maybe looks like it didn’t get sent through chat. Here’s what I’m experiencing.
(02:19:52 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: (I’ve since removed the “comment” rule because it was just too much lol)
(02:21:14 PM) Alan: Thanks for that! Just a few moments while I gather some information on that for you.
(02:21:30 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Yeah sure, thanks!
(02:23:34 PM) Alan: So, just to confirm, you would like the text contained after the “This page is ready for Jeff+ Patrick to review layout and content” to be removed, and to just show the "View task in Asana"and “More options” buttons?
(02:24:19 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: If possible, it’d be rad if it could show the Task Owner and Task Name, but then just the buttons, i.e. just remove the Description preview.
(02:26:35 PM) Alan: I see, and when you reached out to Asana, they did not have a way to remove these descriptions? We do have a way to turn off link previews workspace-wide, however this formatting is different:
Share links and set preview preferences | Slack
(02:27:38 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Ah yeah, and we wouldn’t want to turn it off workspace wide, just in this channel.
(02:28:03 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: I can change that setting on my Asana integration personally - it’ll just show the Asana link and nothing else - but it doesn’t affect the Asana Bot chats to the channel.
(02:30:57 PM) Alan: Thanks for that context! As this is a third party app, not built or maintained by Slack, we don’t have much insight into the workings of this app, however I’d be happy to loop in our developer support team for you, who will be best placed to advise on if there is a way to remove those descriptions, or to stop them unfurling from Slack’s side. How does that sound?
(02:32:31 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Oh bummer, we’re in integration ping pong now, haha. I appreciate you offering to loop in the developer support team, that’d be great! Thank you!
(02:33:22 PM) Alan: You’re very welcome! I will be in touch with an email to followup, and a specialist will be in touch through the same email.
(02:33:27 PM) Alan: Bye for now then Paige.
(02:33:32 PM) Alan: I hope you have a nice day ahead, and take care!
(02:33:49 PM) Paige Pulaski Jones: Same, thanks for your help Alan!
(02:33:55 PM) *** Alan left the chat ***

Alan (Slack)

Jul 8, 2021, 8:05 AM PDT

Hello Paige,

Thanks for chatting in with me earlier! I’ve attached a copy of our conversation below for your records. I’ve also reached out to a specialist on your behalf, so they’ll be in touch directly through this email.

If you have any other questions in the meantime, please feel free to get back in touch.

Many thanks,

Aubrey (Slack)

Jul 8, 2021, 8:24 AM PDT

Hi Paige,

Thanks for your patience. I’m a Platform specialist, and I reviewed the notes that Alan provided about your earlier chat.

After reviewing the details, I’m afraid that we don’t have any control into the contents that get unfurled as that’s actually constructed by the Asana system. I know that they directed you to us, but it’s possible that they weren’t aware that the contents are being retrieved, and sent by their system.

I wish we could be of more help here, but as we don’t control the message output, we unfortunately, are unable to offer any options.

Are you able to double-check with the Asana team to find out if they’re aware that their systems are controlling the output of those messages? They might not have a solution at the moment, but hopefully, their team can consider this as a feature request.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks in advance for checking with the Asana team again on this.


Hi @Paige_Pulaski_Jones, thanks for getting back to me with the info from Slack!

This is something that us currently possible from Asana’s end but as Slack mentioned, the integration is built and managed by Asana so I would suggest creating a thread in the #productfeedback category requesting this feature so this can be taken on board by our Product team! :slight_smile:

Thanks Rebecca - done! Option to exclude Description preview from Asana Bot messages in Slack

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