Slack Integration - Thread Support



I have been searching for this suggestion in the forum but couldn’t find it. I saw a lot of complaints about the noise that the integration can cause in a channel, and we share this view. What we would love is that when using the … Create Asana Task from the context menu of a message, that all Asana messages from creation to completion of that task would be added as a thread to the message the task was created from. The same could be done for /asana commands and add all subsequent status updates to that message. This way the channel would be kept pretty tidy but you will still be able to see all status updates in the channel in a very convenient fashion.

Many thanks! Jens


Welcome to the Forum @Jens_Seidl and thanks for sharing your feedback, it’s a great idea! Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future :crossed_fingers:t3: