Slack Integration Request - Consolidate update notifications

I saw a couple forum posts a while back on this general topic, but I wanted to offer my input also. It would really help my firm out if the Slack notification integration would consolidate many updates in an interval (say, 60-120 seconds) into one channel notification, rather than one notification for every single task, subtask, due date, milestone, etc., being announced.

Github has a similar approach, where all activity from one user in a one-minute interval (commits, changes, etc.) is consolidated into one notification containing the relevant information. I am on the verge of turning Asana Slack notifications off because it is destroying the readability of conversations in my channels. I don’t feel like these notifications should be so frequent and overtake useful user chats. An example of this type of consolidation is attached.


I hope this is something that Asana could accomplish in upcoming releases. It seems simple enough from a feasibility perspective, and it would improve readability greatly trying to keep my team on task.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I have also found this existing feedback request thread that you might be interested upvoting: Reducing/Customise Asana Notifications in Slack