Slack - disable notifications for my own changes

Is there a way to disable (or hide) Slack notifications of changes I myself made in Asana?

So I have a channel in Slack, say it’s #project_a. That channel is linked to Project A in Asana. I also added the Asana app to the #project_a channel.

All good, I thought. But when I make any changes in Asana to tasks in Project A, I’m getting an update in #project_a. This, in my view, doesn’t make any sense, no? I shouldn’t be getting updates about my own actions (…well, because I already know what I did).

Is this just how it is? Or is there a way to disable such updates? Or did I set up the #project_a channel incorrectly?

Thanks for any tips!


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Hi @Nypa-Loto, thanks for reaching out! In this case, you would need to turn off the notifications altogether. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to disable one type of notification only.

I hope this makes sense!

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