Singapore Asana Ninjas: FREE Asana training in Singapore in person TUE 28.11. and WED 29.11


Hello Singaporeans and permanent residents,

I am the only official Asana consultant from Germany and usually I help people and companies in Europe to train their employees to become Asana Ninjas.

Since I am visiting clients in Malaysia and Singapore right now, I would like to offer a few hours of free training. I will do it in person TUE 28.11. and WED 29.11.


  • Meet other fellow Asana fans in your city!

  • Get answers to all the existing challenges and questions you have

  • Get your colleagues basic trained in Asana in order to work with them together more effectively

  • Learn from best practices from dozens of my clients, how to leverage Asana to cooperate with external agencies and suppliers, how to hack personal productivity, how to increase team transparency and happiness and much more

  • Learn how to convince other members of your company to work with Asana

How to register:
Please visit me at LinkedIn and write me a message/connect to me with your Asana experience, how many people you are and what specifically you want to learn. I gonna share then the location with you.

More information:

  • Again this is 100% free and a gift from me to the local startup community, but of course also bigger companies are allowed to join :slight_smile:

  • You find more information about me here:

See you next week


@Sebastian_Paasch How’d the training go? Were there any highlights or key questions you’d be able to share?

I’m excited to share more learnings across training experiences!