Simple search/filter field for list AND board projects



The asana search functionality is pretty great, however I frequently find myself wanting to search by keyword/simple title or filter within one project quickly.

There’s a lot of potential real estate in list view (or boards) to have a very simple filter box so if I want to see all tasks that have ‘Meet Up’ in the title, it pulls them up. This makes it a bit more dynamic than just the section functionality, or custom fields (which are great and I use them as sorting a lot don’t get me wrong).

But I liken it to Spotify’s new(ish) filter option on their desktop program. I needed it! These playlists (projects) get long!

Just food for thought =)


I’d also like to see sorting within a board column…


This option is now available @James_T_Smith, have a look here: Advanced Search: you can now search by column in your Board project :slight_smile: