Simple Rules Question

This is going to be an extremely simple question, but for some reason I can’t figure it out. I’m trying to set up a rule to one specific task within a project. I do not want the rule to apply to the whole project, just the one task.

How do I know that the rule applies to just that one task? For some reason, I can’t find anything that shows that “this rule applies to only this task”.

I’m setting up a ‘Due Date is approaching’ rule, but because it doesn’t show what task it specifically applies to, I’m afraid the rule is going to run for every task within the project.

Hi @Bekah_Davis,

Asana does not currently support setting a rule to apply to specific tasks; they’re evaluated for all tasks in the project where they live.

You can add your vote for implementing your request here:

And also be sure to read through that thread as it contains a few workarounds. There is also a workaround given here:

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