Simple Punch In/Punch Out Using Asana

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for some inspiration in case anyone has found a way to use Asana for a punch in/punch out time clock system. I manage a team of student workers and we track time based on clocking in for a shift, starting a break, and clocking out. None of the integrated tools Asana has seem to work because they’re all built for people who want to track how much time is spent on a project. For context, I set their schedule and want a way for everyone to see who’s clocked in and who isn’t so they know who they can turn to for questions.

Can Asana be used for this with a form somehow or do I need a dedicated shift manager?


You could have something like this.

  • there is a project called “punch cards” with a drop down status “punching in” “punching out”
  • “punching in” is linked to a rule that adds the task to a project called “who’s there”
  • “punching out” is linked to a rule that completes the task
  • you use my tool to create a task for each day of the week for each person.

So each day, I get a task in My Tasks, due today. I use the custom field drop down to “punch in”. As a result my card will appear in the “who’s there” board. When I leave work I punch out, that completes the task.

What do you think?

PS: my solution requires Business to have the right rules.


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