Sidebar Team Sorting

Hi @SixfootJames, unfortunately there is no opportunity for users to contribute to code for feature requests at this time :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath - is there any indication of where this feature is in the pipeline please? Or perhaps there is a trick we don’t know that allow us to sort teams alphabetically elsewhere that we dont know about?

Hi @SixfootJames, while this isn’t on our product teams roadmap at this time, I’ll be sure to pass the feedback and request on so hopefully we can see this feature come to life in the future :slight_smile:

Than you @Rebecca_McGrath. While I know there are other factors involved in keeping a product like Asana afloat, it would be nice to see requests that have been requested back in 2017 somewhere on a timeline so that we can see some baby steps.

It would go a very long way if some of the code was open sourced so that the community can help.


We agree. For software that’s supposed to help teams and projects stay organised and on top of work, this should be a basic requirement. It’s could be a dealbreaker. Got 1 more week of our trial to decide.

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