Sidebar Search Box for Projects and Teams


Asana has a site wide search in the top right which is very helpful.

But would love to also have a search box on the left side above all projects/teams, where when you start typing it immediatly starts reducing the teams/projects shown in the sidebar to quickly find the one you are looking for. This would be helpful especially when agencies have teams setup as clients.

For instance I may have a project called Support for each Client (aka team). So if I use the main asana search and type in a clients name (team name) it would show the team name but wouldn’t also show all the projects in that team. Where is if there is a sidebar search when typing in a team/client name it would show just that team/client and all projects under it. This would be helpful for people with lots of teams/clients where you know the clients name but forget the project name. Yes you could search in the main box for a team name open that up and then drill down to a project on the team overview page, but a search in the sidebar would ease that process.

To note their is a favorite feature in the sidebar, but I may have a Support project in each of my client/teams, so I wouldn’t know which fav support is which since favs doesn’t show the team name next to the project name (ideally you could have a favicon for each team/client and have that show next to the project name.

A work around would be having the client/team name in the title of each project to help with a lot of these issues but now each project title could get very long and extra visual clutter.



Hi @Chris_Chiera and thank you so much for sharing this with us; I personally love your idea and hope this is something we can build in the future! :slight_smile:

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