Sidebar Questions (that I can't find the answers to online)



I was hoping someone can answer two questions for me on the sidebar.

  1. When I watch tutorial videos they seem to always have the sidebar section that contains “My Tasks, Inbox and Dashboard” customized. I can’t seem to locate where to change these settings. (I know these other users have the free version and not premium, if that matters)

  2. My projects have a highlight color that is a dot on the left hand side of the project name. All tutorial videos have a vertical bar instead of a dot. How do I get teh vertical bar?


Hey @Jen_Williams,

Asana rolled out a UI update for the navigation that appear the “My Tasks, Inbox, Dashboard” first in the sidemenu.

Also changed the highlight colours indicator from a line to a dot next to the project name.

You can find out more of these changes here

Hope I helped.


Thanks for helping and linking the article!

I wish they gave us the option between the views because I definitely like it better the old way!


Jen – thank you for asking this question. I too wish we could choose to go back to the line, instead of the dot.