Shows recent searches in search field

The search field no longer shows recent searches. Sometimes I close a window and want to view that same search again, but now I have to go to Advanced Search and manually enter all of the search criteria again. I also use recent searches to create new searches based on the previous search. (E.g. there is no automated way to list today’s tasks or to list this week’s tasks through today, so I edit my previous search to create this function.)

I would like the list of recent searches to be restored to the search function.

Hi @Tom_Wald:

You’re right, there is no way to have recent searches and I agree that it should be considered to be added back. (Don’t forget to vote yourself)

As for the “automated way to list today’s tasks,” do you utilize rules and sections in your My Tasks section? That can give you a breakdown of Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc

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