Show weekend as default view in the Calendar


Our team needs to plan and execute tasks 7 days a week. I sometimes notice employees forgetting to execute a tasks because Saturday and Sunday aren’t visible by default. I can’t seem to find a way to show all 7 days all the time.


Hi @Bert_Habets and welcome to the Forum!

Are your referring to the Calendar view? If so, you can easily hide/show weekends following these steps.

Let me know if you were referring to something different or if you have any follow-up questions!

All the best!


Hi Marie,

yes that’s kind of what I mean but not what I want ;-). Now you have to click trough the menu to change the calenderview, but I would like to show the full week at once all the time, so tasks are not forgotten because they are hidden.

Is that possible?


You can save this view as your default view following these steps @Bert_Habets :slight_smile:


Hi, when you save the view with weekends shown, it also defaults the “calendar view” for the project, instead of the list view.

I think what we are requesting is having a “list view” as default, and when we click the calendar button, it should show the calendar with weekends visible.

Is this possible?



Apologies for the confusion @Doruk, you’re right, the Save for everyone function will save the calendar as your default page but won’t save the “Show Weekends” view, unfortunately! Hopefully this is something we can fix in future updates! In the meantime, I have moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other users to vote for this feature, hope that’s ok!


@Marie @Doruk thanks, that’s exactly what I mean. :slight_smile: would be great if possible