Show the Project name next to subtasks in task list



I start my day by reviewing my daily task list, normally organized by due date and/or priority. A vital part of the “my tasks” view is seeing which project/client is associated with each task. However, the associated project does not appear next to subtasks. Why is that, Asana?

Throughout the day as I create tasks and assign them to myself, I also go back through those tasks to add due dates, project names and details when I see them appear in my task list. Now every day, I keep thinking that I have a bunch of tasks where I need to follow-up to add the project name, but that’s not the case – b/c they’re subtasks. Since the task list does not differentiate a subtask in any way from a parent task, there’s no way for me to tell.

I do understand that there are workarounds such as viewing your task list by project, however, my task list works by due date in every function in Asana, I have no reason to want to change an order that’s otherwise working.