Show "tasks depending on this" in task details and project list view mode

Is there a way to add the count of tasks that are depending on this task as a field in list project?

Our team is using a combination of two projects.

  • Tickets: each task represents a bug report from our users
  • Bugs: each task represents a unique bug
    Ticket-tasks are depending on all bugs that are mentioned in them.
    Bug-tasks have links to all tickets that mention them in their description.

It would be very helpful to have access to all tasks that are depending on a task in the details of that task, so we don’t have to manually copy & paste the links into the description. Subtasks are not really an option because the tasks would disappear from the Tickets project.
Our programmers also weight the bugs by the number of tickets we got about them, but to get that information they have to open each individual bug and count the links, it would be ideal if that information could be seen in the list view of the Bugs project.

PS: if I ended up in the wrong category please move my thread to the intended one.