Show task due time in Google Calendar

Hi Ricky,

thanks for the suggestion. They sound like a good and fast workaround.
Sadly, i do not think this is a very viable solution, since most of the time i do use these apps on my phone and not on my computer. As far as my expertise goes, these circumstances make it rather difficult.

I just hope the best for asana.

Again, thanks for the idea!

Hi Ricky,

today, i checked out IFTTT. I know this service for a longer time, but i checked it out for this exact problem.

Now: Sadly you can only sync a certain project and not “my tasks”.
And i do not know, if it works the other way around.

But maybe it helps you.

Best regards

Hey Korbinian,

So i’m building integrations directly between Asana and Google Calendar, like IFTTT. I can build it for you if you need it, if it will help you. Please let me know.



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Hi all.

Just adding a polite voice to the crowd. Sounds like a valuable feature!

I’ve been using google calendar to plan my day, as per the famous author Cal Newport’s method of “time blocking”. It’s been great for productivity, and tying asana into this, at even a half-hour level of granularity would be great.

I’m sure there would be a way to do this using both APIs. @Ricky_Charpentier seems keen to build it. It looked like @Maggie_Reddi already built a SaaS product to do it, has anyone used it?


Hi Andrew. I can get you some references if you’d like. Just send me a private message or sign up for a free trial on our website and I will reach out to you.

I just added the URL of My Tasks to my Google Calendar. I see that some of the tasks now on my Google Calendar, but they all show as All Day events, even though they are scheduled in Asana with a specific time.
Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?
Also, when I change an entry or add a new entry, I don’t see the changes or new editions on my calendar.
Is this a buggy feature or am I doing something wrong?

@DavidWS, I think this is working as expected according to:

All-day events are the only kind created (there’s another thread here where a moderator should move this post and you can vote there for adding times; cc @Marie).

Initial sync will happen right away but updates will take up to 24 hours so perhaps you need to just wait a bit for those changes you mention to appear.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for your response. It appears you are correct. Always surprises me that certain features basic to most other similar programs are not available in Asana. Creating all day events from a task that has a specific due time seems crazy. I hope they are paying attention to the need for better syncing - instant, two way, and precise.


Reading this I understand where the developers stall – they don’t have a task duration! What about using any default timing, like 1h or 30m like most people seem to use? At least there’s something in the calendar then. That would be a really simple change and would mean the world to many of us.

A quick second best fix for my requirement could be to have iOS notifications at the correct time. But I agree with the people above – it’s a big gap to not have timely alerts.

TLDR; just assume 1h task duration and help many users in their daily workflow.


Hi All,
I followed this discussion and shared your same concerns/requests about the integration with google calendar and timing. Is there any news from Asana developers? Any free plugin we could use?

Hey there, can you elaborate a bit more on how you got IFTTT to work in this case? Much appreciated!


To be honest, this feature is so important and this was not a viable solution. Therefore I switched away from Asana to todoist (sad, because I liked Asana, but todoist just matches my needs better).

You sign into ifttt and add both accounts (calendar + Asana). Then you create an app (I think there is already one preset for calendar, just search), where you link both accounts. Then you define the calendar in which you want them to show up. You need to create 2 apps, one for Asana → Google and one for Google → Asana. It’s trial and error.

Hope this helps

FYI, IFTTT seems to not be able to longer support Asana.

Good morning,
I would like to know if a solution has been found to integrate the Asana timetables in Google calendar? Without using third party apps. I would be very sorry not to be able to use Asana anymore for this lack that forces me to have to use two planning systems.
Maybe it’s possible to do it only with the paid business version? Thanks


The truth is…they’re just using this user’s problem in order to convince them to pay the service.

Asana shows the task as All day tasks in Google Calendar, cause they don’t have an end time…but if you think about it, you see that immediately, ONLY if you pay you can set and end time for the task.

This is terribly annoying and the only thing you achieved with me…unfortunately, is that I’m going to stop using Asana.
3 years waiting for a stupid feature to be developed, it’s way too much.

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I see this post from July 2019.
Since it’s Jan 2021, is there a plan for or option to save specific times for tasks in your outlook calendars? So as not to appear booked all day?

Thank you!

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@Amber_Parsons1, Sorry but Asana has not made or announced a change. I think there are third-party integrations that may offer this but I don’t have any direct experience with them.



I’ve also been asking Asana to build this for 5 years with no luck. For a productivity tool it’s shocking that they don’t complete the final step in the process of letting you add your daily tasks to your calendar to be done at specific times. This is not a hard feature to build and would add value to every user who starts their day with Asana.

An entire new app company is being developed to solve this problem and the workflow of this app should be something that is built into Asana. I discovered Sunsama the other day which pulls your Asana (and tasks from other platforms) to plan what you need to get done that day then takes you to the next step with a nice drag and drop onto your calendar for when you are going to do them. I’m in the trial right now but it’s $20/mo. I’m considering paying it for this functionality alone, but this should be a workflow/feature that comes standard with Asana. Sunsama is going after Asana, stating that their customer is the organization managing the work and not the user doing the work and that Asana doesn’t care much about the person doing the work day today which is why the feature has never been built.

So Asana, for your own sake, and for the sake all of us on this thread who have been asking for this feature for the past 5+ years (and all of those who haven’t spoken up or don’t know to), PLEASE have just one guy from your dev team work a fraction of his time on adding this feature.

Thank you!


It has been asked for years and in several different channels, can anyone link me to why Asana still has not and will not introduce the synchronization of due times in calendars like Google Calendar?

I saw somewhere that it had to do with no end time as it would be problematic for the backend developers (assuming so). Why won’t the dev team lead sign off on the assumption of 1 hr or 30 min blocks prior to due-time? If I set up a due time to let’s say 5pm, why can’t that time be the end time and set up a rule to subtract 10, 30, or 60 minutes prior to the assumed start?

It would be great to know if a research firm hired by Asana suggested against doing so due to ‘annoying’ target prime users…This feature would have kept a lot of happy users who, like me, have enamored over and championed this tool for years. I’ve convinced many to use this service but sadly, I am now looking into alternatives such as Todoist despite me first creating an account with Asana probably around 2012 or so.

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Hopefully the reason why this have not been address does not echo Moskovitz’s stance on this:

“If this problem wasn’t worth solving or wasn’t a viable business, I’d just stop,” he says. “Our mission is really well-suited for this moment, and we’re energized by the opportunity.”

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